Annika Ström

Personal Delivery

Annika Strom in performance, CAAC Seville, 2011

Guitar slung low, legs spread wide apart, neck craning up towards the microphone, the young man screws his features into an expression that looks like something between grief and sexual ecstasy. He sings:

‘I – will be – the one – to turn you on!

On the bed

I – will be – the one – tonight.’

Between the assembled bar crowd and the shallow, six-inch high stage, in front of clusters of people clutching bottles of beer and raising their voices to the ears of their friends, in front of other people who stare expressionlessly at the singer, surrounded by movement and noise, stands the singer’s mother, holding a video camera which she points at her son for the whole duration of his performance.

No one seems to find this strange, or embarrassing, or worthy of comment.

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